COVID-19 Response Team - Resources and Updates

The response to COVID-19 has state and federal authorities making swift and unprecedented changes to current laws, drafting new laws and making exceptions everywhere in between. This leaves employers, business leaders and carriers scrambling. Thompson Coe’s COVID-19 Response Team is here to guide businesses, employers and carriers through understanding their obligations and strategies during this uncertain time, as well as keeping them informed of the most recent developments. We have compiled a catalog of resources including news alerts, recorded webinars, issues for consideration, and key attorney contacts.

Labor and Employment

Contact any of our Labor and Employment attorneys directly via phone or email with your questions and concerns. Also visit myHRgenius for additional HR resources and information. 

DHS Extends Flexibility for Remote Inspection of Form I-9 Documents - Client Alert

Temporary Policy for I-9 List B Identity Documents During COVID-19 Pandemic - Client Alert

New FFCRA Guidance from the Department of Labor - Client Alert

Employers May Test Employees for COVID-19 - Client Alert

Rollout of Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation - Client Alert

DOL Provides More Guidance on Understanding on the Families First Coronavirus Response Act - Client Alert

Congress Expands Unemployment Benefits Under the CARES ACT - Client Alert

DOL Clarifies The Families First Coronavirus Response Act - Client Alert

Updated Guidance on the Families First Coronavirus Response Act - Client Alert

DOL Guidance on Paid Leave Law - Client Alert

Congress Passes the Families First Coronavirus Response Act -  Client Alert 

The Families First Coronavirus Response Act - Webinar

EMERGENCY HR TIP: Form I-9 in-person review suspended - Client Alert

The Coronavirus - Podcast

Coronavirus Primer - Client Alert

Coronavirus Q&A - Client Alert

Insurance Coverage 

COVID-19 Coverage Litigation: Coverage and Claim Investigation in the Gulf Coast and Southwest - Webinar

Plaintiffs’ Bar Pushing for MDL As COVID-19 BI Suits Continue - Client Alert

COVID-19 & Insurance Disputes: Class Actions and MDL Efforts Spreading Across the Nation - Client Alert

Covid-19 and Its Impact on Homeowners’ Property Claims - Client Alert

Emerging Risks: Insurance Coverage for COVID-19 - Webinar

Q&A From Insurance Coverage for COVID-19 Webinar - Publication

Texas: First Lawsuit Filed Over Pandemic Event Endorsement - Client Alert

First Louisiana Business Interruption Suit Filed in Wake of Coronavirus - Client Alert

Restaurants File First Business Interruption Suit in California - Client Alert

First Texas Business Interruption Suit Filed in Harris County - Client Alert

Workers' Compensation

Workers’ Compensation and COVID-19:  What to Expect in Texas and Louisiana - Client Alert

General Liability/Catastrophic Injury

Next Wave of Coronavirus Litigation? Negligent Transmission Claims Against Property Owners and Managers - Client Alert

Renowned Texas Attorney Files COVID-19 Wrongful Death Suit Against Princess Cruise Lines - Client Alert


Effects of Coronavirus Legislation on Insurance-Related Bankruptcy Matters

Data Privacy and Cyber Security

Cyber Risk Considerations Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic

Firm Highlights

News Item

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U.S. Supreme Court Settles Issue of Title VII Protections for LGBTQ+ Employees

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