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Thompson Coe affinity groups were created to foster a supportive and inclusive environment that values the unique perspectives of attorneys from all backgrounds. Each affinity group is focused on professional development, networking, mentorship, and increasing leadership opportunities for members at all career stages.

  • FORWARD Women
  • The Collective – network for Black Attorneys
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The mission of our affinity groups is to foster a robust, supportive, and inclusive network at Thompson Coe that reflects the gender, racial, and cultural diversity of our communities.

— Cassie Dallas, Chair of Diversity Committee


To ensure our clients have access to the best legal talent available, Thompson Coe is actively committed to the recruitment and hiring of lawyers who not only possess extraordinary legal abilities but also varied cultural and social backgrounds. The firm participates in job fairs and association events at law schools nationwide with diverse student populations to recruit talented lawyers with a broad spectrum of skills and viewpoints. This approach to recruitment and diversity not only improves our practice but also enhances Thompson Coe as a whole.

Retain and Advance

Developing our associates and preparing them for success in their new careers is a vital component of our retention initiative and goes hand in hand with our diversity efforts. In order to understand their needs, and to create an environment for their continued success, we have devised a mentorship program that pairs them with a senior attorney to ensure they become integrated into their sections, the firm and the practice of law. By having an experienced attorney committed to their success, we feel our associates will have the tools they need to create their own.

To foster growth and advancement, our associates are provided opportunities early in their careers to take on challenging, meaningful and substantive legal matters. We also encourage and facilitate direct client contact to maximize their potential. As our attorneys gain experience, we take tremendous pride in seeing them assume leadership positions in our firm, profession, and community.

Alternative Schedules

Since the 1990s, our firm has offered alternative part-time arrangements for attorneys who want to adjust their work hours to accommodate family responsibilities. This has allowed the firm to retain top talent while providing the flexibility they need at different stages of their lives.  These attorneys have continued to develop their careers while working reduced hours, and many have returned to full-time practice once their family obligations have changed. We recognize that these alternative arrangements are valuable to the diverse law firm and the attorneys involved.

While we may all share important qualities – intelligence, creativity, and a strong work ethic – it is important to create spaces and opportunities that celebrate our unique experiences.

Pipeline Initiatives

In an effort to continue our diversity efforts beyond Thompson Coe, and to encourage minority students to consider law as a career, we have established initiatives targeted at the development of diverse youth in our community.  Our initiatives to assist aspiring attorneys in pursuing such opportunities include:

  • Funding scholarships for minority high school or college students
  • Participating in or hosting mock trial programs or career events
  • Providing internships or employment to local minority high school students
  • Participating in programs that allow undergraduate students to shadow our attorneys
  • Mentoring high school and college students