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Thompson Coe commercial litigators have successfully represented clients in a broad range of commercial disputes, ranging from simple contract matters to complex international disputes. The firm commits itself to preparation, dedication of human resources, and development of innovative strategies and creative thinking to secure the best outcome for business litigation clients. Our attorneys focus on the business objectives of the client and provide results-oriented legal services in a timely and cost-effective fashion.


Thompson Coe attorneys have experience in defending and pursuing claims for securities fraud under federal and state law. Our attorneys have represented broker/dealer clients in connection with various aspects of their business and also have significant experience in handling disputes concerning advice given by and the conduct of registered representatives and investment advisors, including suitability, fraud, and failure to supervise claims.

We also regularly represent clients in shareholder or partnership disputes, including derivative actions and claims of minority shareholder oppression. Thompson Coe attorneys have successfully resolved these kinds of disputes in both federal and state courts and also in FINRA (formerly NASD) arbitrations.

Contract Disputes

Thompson Coe attorneys handle a wide variety of contract disputes. Many times these matters involve a dispute as to whether a party has met its obligations under the terms of a written agreement. We represent both parties seeking to enforce the contract and parties defending a contract enforcement action.

Such disputes include breaches of service agreements, sales agreements, and obligations under promissory notes and guaranty agreements. Thompson Coe attorneys are well versed in judgment collection through litigation and other procedural mechanisms allowed under federal and state laws.

Labor and Employment

Thompson Coe Labor and Employment Section counsel public and private sector management in connection with all employment-related matters, including compliance with the FLSA, Title VII, ADEA, ABA, the Family and Medical Leave Act, WARN, and other federal, state, and local laws regulating employment.

The firm primarily defends management against discrimination, wrongful termination, workers’ compensation retaliation, civil rights, “whistle blower”, and other employment-related claims. We regularly consult on routine personnel matters including personnel policies and procedures, wage and hour issues, employer discipline and termination, hiring, employment contract, non-compete agreements, and affirmative action claims.

Business Dissolution and Governance

Thompson Coe represents businesses and individuals in voluntary and involuntary partnership and corporate dissolutions, disputes over purchase and sale agreements, and conduct of officers and directors in their roles as fiduciaries. Our attorneys work with clients to assure the best possible result through arbitration, mediation, or, if needed, trial.

Real Estate

For a variety of reasons, even well-documented real estate transactions may require dispute resolution. Thompson Coe attorneys have represented both buyers and sellers under real estate purchase agreements, and have represented clients in connection with landlord/tenant disputes, enforcement of deed restrictions, homeowner association covenants, and condemnation. Our attorneys also have experience with suits to confirm title to real property, remove clouds to title, and resolve boundary and survey disputes.

Construction Litigation

Many participants in the construction industry look to Thompson Coe for a variety of construction litigation matters. They include owners, general contractors, subcontractors, material suppliers, architects and engineers.

We represent clients involving a full spectrum of activities, including public works projects and private projects. Such controversies include bid protests and mistakes, costs and delay disputes, project management controversies, design error, defective installation, and payment issues. The firm also handles mechanics and materialmens’ liens, claims on payment and performance bonds, and litigation involving allocation of fault among contractors and suppliers.


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