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With more than 100 seasoned litigators and nationally recognized authorities in a number of critical legal disciplines, Thompson Coe brings exceptional strength and savvy to the defense of a wide range of liability claims. Our attorneys have a wealth of experience defending companies of all sizes in various industries, along with municipalities, school districts, churches and other public entities, in a broad spectrum of matters. We have developed strong practices — with proven results — in a number of critical areas.

Dram shop claims

Our team has experience defending alcoholic beverage liability cases in multiple states, with clients ranging from bars, restaurants, entertainment complexes, sports arenas, and theme parks. We have a proven record of obtaining favorable results — including in cases involving catastrophic personal injuries and multiple deaths.

We pride ourselves on the aggressive and cost-efficient manner in which we defend all claims. Our trial record and commitment to early dispositive motions is our hallmark of success. In matters of liability, we employ creative settlement resolutions and resort to alternative dispute resolution (ADR) wherever possible.

Premises liability

We defend cases involving personal injuries occurring to individuals while on the property of the owner or municipality, as well as in the workplace. We represent the insurers of major property owners, such as school districts, shopping centers, restaurants, grocery stores and other places where the public is accommodated.


For cases involving claims of negligent security, we offer extensive trial experience with a commitment to early dispositive motions, creative settlement resolutions, and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) wherever possible. We frequently handle cases involving alleged failure to provide reasonable security measures, allegations a security officer or other agent of the facility failed to act to prevent an attack, injuries allegedly caused by security personnel or employees, assault and other violent crimes, and catastrophic personal injuries.

Transportation & Automobile liability

We have extensive experience representing various companies’ insureds in automobile-related personal injury accidents. We work with well-known experts in the fields of accident reconstruction, biomechanical reconstruction, vehicle kinematics, etc., and we are well-versed in cases involving road and highway design. Our firm also has significant experience in matters involving uninsured, underinsured, and supplementary motorist (UM/UIM/SUM) coverage.

Construction accidents

Thompson Coe lawyers regularly litigate, mediate and arbitrate claims over cost, design error and project management. All key players in the industry turn to us for representation – insurers, sureties, owners, developers, general and subcontractors, and design professionals.

We can represent clients in controversies that involve bid protests and mistakes, cost disputes, design error, defective installation and contract disputes. We also handle mechanic’s and materialman’s liens, and federal and state bond claims. For our insurer clients, we present a thorough knowledge of the complex issues of indemnification, whether contractual or common law.


David A. McFarland Chair

David A. McFarland


David  Burns Vice Chair

David Burns


Tasha L. Barnes Vice Chair

Tasha L. Barnes


Mark A. Hill Vice Chair

Mark A. Hill


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