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Thompson Coe workers’ compensation defense attorneys specializes in representing employers and insurance carriers in state workers’ compensation claims in the State of Louisiana and federal workers’ compensation claims on a national level. Employers and carriers rely on our experienced team to navigate the administrative courts and provide aggressive and effective representation to achieve the best possible results in worker’s compensation litigation.

With representative experience ranging from small family owned businesses to international corporations, our team is dedicated to providing exceptional service on a national level. Our experienced team is on-call 24 hours a day and will travel to conduct site investigations, interview witnesses, or perform any other services needed by our clients to effectively manage and resolve workers’ compensation claims.

Louisiana Workers’ Compensation Claims

Louisiana is a unique and exciting place to work.  Marine, energy and environmental activities line our coast and these industries continue north along the Mississippi River to create a robust and thriving workforce throughout the state.  The inherent dangers of this employment, however, exhibit themselves on a daily basis, as do unique legal challenges.

When an employee is injured, aggressive yet professional representation is indispensable.  Our team is prepared to assist employer and carriers in navigating the complex web of Louisiana workers’ compensation claims, working with the Louisiana Workforce Commission to achieve effective, favorable results.

Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act

From Portland, Maine to San Diego, California, our country is blessed with thriving ports along our coasts that function as the gateway between maritime operations and inland transportation and industry. We rely on longshore workers to facilitate these activities, which come with inherent risks, triggering claims that fall under the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act.

Our experienced team of attorneys is prepared to assist employers and carriers on a national level in navigating the administrative process, utilizing their wealth of experience and knowledge to identify issues, raise appropriate defenses, and mitigate damages.

Defense Base Act

It is impossible to ignore our country’s growing international presence and its implications on our workforce. With the steady increase in government contracts with private companies comes an increase in an international workforce that requires the same attention and dedication as our domestic workforce.

When a private contractor is injured overseas, the Defense Base Act is triggered and employers and carriers require experienced representation to navigate this unique branch of workers’ compensation law. The workers’ compensation team at Thompson Coe has expertise in handling all types of Defense Base Act claims, with a wealth experience representing a multitude of national and international companies that have contracted with the United States government to provide services overseas.

War Hazards Compensation Act

Coupled with the Defense Base Act is the War Hazards Compensation Act, which allows carriers to secure reimbursement from the United States government for benefits paid to Defense Base Act workers for injuries caused by the hazards of war and combat.

While the reimbursement process is arduous, our team at Thompson Coe has been successful in securing hundreds of millions of dollars in reimbursements for Defense Base Act carriers to ensure they are able to continue supporting our private contractors and our country’s mission overseas.


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