Zandra E. Foley

Zandra E. Foley

Partner; Products Liability Chair; Professional Liability Vice Chair

Thompson Coe Attorneys Secure Verdict in Legal Malpractice Case

July 29, 2013

Zandra E. Foley and Kevin F. Risley, partners in the firm's Houston office, secured a directed verdict on behalf of a law firm and its attorney in a legal malpractice case. Plaintiffs sued the Defendants, their attorneys in an appeal and post-trial collection proceedings, after taking a judgment in a construction defect case.  Plaintiffs alleged appellate malpractice and negligence for failure to advise them of the trial attorney’s alleged malpractice in the underlying trial.  Specifically, they alleged that the appellate attorney failed to advise them that they should have put the deceased trial attorney’s insurance carrier on notice based on his alleged malpractice. Defendants alleged that they owed no such duty and that there was no malpractice committed.  A Harris County District judge agreed and granted directed verdict for the Defendants on all claims.

Steven M. Augustine, an associate in the Houston office, assisted on the trial.