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Thompson Coe Attorneys Speaking at 2015 ABA Insurance Coverage Litigation Seminar

March 4, 2015

Thompson Coe attorneys Frances O'Meara, Joseph De Hope and Diego Garcia are presenting at the 27th Insurance Coverage Litigation Committee CLE Seminar in Tucson, AZ on March 4th-7th, chaired and organized by Jamie Carsey. This successful and well-attended event provides high quality content in the form of plenary, breakout and round-table discussions, as well as fun activities and valuable networking sessions. The Thompson Coe representatives will be speaking on informative and pertinent insurance topics, which include:

Bending the Cost Curve" in Long-Tail Liability Coverage: The Berkshire Hathaway Strategy
One of the purported benefits of the Berkshire Hathaway strategy is the ability to use its market power to “bend the cost curve” of liability payments and defense cost payments, and reduce overall spending and erosion of coverage limits. What are the impacts of this strategy upon policyholders, insurers, reinsurers, defense counsel, and underlying claimants?
Moderator:John M. Sylvester
Speakers: Joseph R. De Hope, Jr., Anna P. Engh, Brian A. Kelly, Frances Ma, Jonathan R. Terrell

Give & Take: The Battle Over Defense Dollars
This program will cover (1) the initial negotiation between carrier and policyholder regarding defense, rates, and potential impact on later reimbursement; (2) managing the defense process—frustrations and tips from policyholder and insurer; and (3) strategies in pursing and defending actions for reimbursement of defense and indemnity amounts.
Moderator: Katherine E. Mast
Speakers: Robert D. Allen, Diego Garcia, Jr., Gary Thompson

Claims Handling Experts: How to Find Them, Manage Them, and Win with Them
For bad faith and unfair insurance practices claims, a claims handling expert is key. A discussion of the best sources for claims handling experts, legal issues that can be raised, tips for managing their review of documents, getting the best out of them to guide your discovery program, and actually winning if you go to trial.
Speaker: Frances O'Meara, Elizabeth J. Stewart

For more information on the event, please visit theABA website.