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Houston partner, Cory Reed, recently received a (virtual) defense verdict in a breach of contract case involving a non-compete agreement in Fort Bend County.

This case involved six plaintiffs who sued our client for commissions totaling over $75,000.  No insurance was involved, so a loss meant the client would pay out of pocket. In addition, an establishment of breach of contract in this case would result in allowing dozens of other plaintiffs to file suit and recover hundreds of thousands of dollars more from the client.

During the trial, the odds were stacked against our client because they not only admitted to breaching the contract, but they were impeached several times for emotional misconduct.  In closing, Cory explained that his client was very emotional because the six plaintiffs were friends, and that his client breached the agreement because they did.

The jury eliminated five of the six plaintiffs.  While one plaintiff prevailed, the jury found the client only owed her $7,000.  And because her circumstances involved a different contract than the other five plaintiffs and the dozens waiting in the wings, the client was protected from hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional damages.

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Cory S. Reed

Cory S. Reed


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