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Thompson Coe has extensive experience representing major corporations, insurance companies, insurance agents, insurance adjusters, law firms and individuals in various types of civil litigation, including product liability, premises liability, personal injury, insurance coverage and bad faith, professional liability and complex commercial actions.

As a firm dedicated to litigation, Thompson Coe has in-depth knowledge and skills in all aspects of discovery. Our lawyers’ discovery capabilities ensure that a case’s defense is handled thoroughly, effectively, and aggressively from the start.

National Discovery Counsel

As National Discovery Counsel, our team of attorneys and legal professionals is responsible for coordinating and timely responding to all legal discovery services, inquiries, and tasks nationally (including written and oral discovery, protective orders, investigations, litigation holds, document management, and collection, productions, etc.).  For over a decade, Thompson Coe has been National Discovery Counsel for a Fortune 100 company in mass tort litigation involving hundreds of products and exposure to asbestos, coal dust, silica or other hazardous substances.

With our experience, our team provides the expertise needed to prepare consistent responses to written discovery requests nationally (including responses to requests for admission, interrogatories, requests for production, deposition notices, etc.) in related lawsuits in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Discovery Strategy

The core of our approach is start-to-finish strategic planning with our clients to build a thorough, focused, cost-effective discovery and defense strategy that incorporates the client’s philosophy and perspectives. We investigate the factual background of the case by identifying our clients’ potential in-house witnesses, interviewing those witnesses and other client personnel, and identifying, collecting, analyzing, and managing the relevant documents and information to respond to discovery and to develop the strongest defense strategy and position.

Discovery Management

Our discovery management process identifies our client’s strongest position, and the documents and information (including electronic documents, voicemails, text messages, etc.) needed to support that position. We work effectively with our client’s IT departments and outside technology vendors throughout the identification, collection, and analysis process.

By structuring the process to find the right information and record the information learned for future cases, we eliminate the costly communication and retention of knowledge issues at the root of most discovery problems.

E-Discovery Capabilities and Document Management

Our lawyers have years of experience complying with electronic discovery, identifying, analyzing, and producing relevant electronic evidence, and managing electronic evidence so that it is readily accessible when needed during litigation and at trial.  We use the latest technological advances, and coordinate with our clients and leading litigation and discovery support service providers to supplement our clients’ e-document preservation and management efforts.

Whether the need is to identify and preserve relevant electronic evidence, to respond to discovery or to utilize such evidence effectively during litigation or at trial, we have the technical sophistication and litigation skills to make e-discovery work to our clients’ advantage.

Experience, Efficiency and Effectiveness

Thompson Coe brings experience, efficiency, and effectiveness to the discovery process. We are sensitive to the demanding time requirements and expenses of identifying, collecting, analyzing, and producing documents and information. We use our thorough substantive and procedural knowledge and the latest technology to manage discovery—even in the most complex cases.


Kevin B. Brown

Kevin B. Brown


Kristine A. Warnke

Kristine A. Warnke


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