Rick Mosher frequently defends owners, contractors, and design professionals in evaluating and resolving property damage, warranty and construction defect claims.

Representative Experience

  • Lead investigation, defense and negotiation in claims against General Contractor arising out of structural collapse of 600,000 sq. ft. warehouse. Resolved interrelated issues of liability, damages, indemnity and coverage, leading to favorable results.
  • Lead investigation and defense of structural engineering firm in property damage subrogation action arising out of wind driven structural roof failure of commercial warehouse.
  • Lead investigation and defense of Geotechnical engineering firm in connection with subsidence and partial collapse of school building in Big Springs, Texas.
  • Lead investigation and defense of architect firm in negligence claims arising out of water intrusion and ensuing damage to nursing home.
  • Lead investigation and defense of structural engineer in connection with steel joist deflection of home under construction. Negotiated contributions of general contractor and owner’s insurer leading to favorable settlement.
  • Lead investigation and defense of civil engineering firm in developers suit alleging negligence in lay out and plating of residential development. Evidence of plaintiff’s own negligence developed pre-trial leading to favorable settlement.