Update & Recap: Winter Storm Uri and Impact on Gulf Coast Coverage Cases

December 14, 2021 at 12:00pm1:00pm

This presentation will provide an update and recap of the insurance issues associated with the unprecedent Winter Storm Uri, a storm that blanketed Texas and surrounding states in February 2021. The presentation will include education about the specific statistics associated with Winter Storm Uri and impact on the overall insurance industry.  The presentation will identify the primary coverage issues arising out of Winter Storm Uri with analysis of these issues in context of both residential and commercial property policies in Texas, the Gulf Coast states and Florida. The presentation will also focus on ethical considerations in responding to a catastrophe like Winter Storm Uri and presented claims with fraud indicators under Texas, the Gulf Coast and Florida applicable statutes and common law. The overall objective is for attendees to gain a deeper understanding of the significant impact of Winter Storm Uri on the insurance industry as a whole as well as educating the attendees on the primary insurance coverage issues and the developing law in relation to these issues in the Gulf Coast, Florida as well as Texas.  A secondary objective is identifying ethical situations where a claim is presented with fraud indicators as is possible in the context of a wide-spread, catastrophic storm like Uri. This course will be beneficial to insurance adjusters, managers, and insurance attorneys who review and handle insurance claims and review insurance issues and have ethical obligations to respond to individual and business consumers.