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The legislature is already well on their way negotiating and drafting legislation that would directly impact every employer in the state of Minnesota. The following are brief synopses of recently introduced bills that are making their way through the legislative process. It is too early to tell which have legs to become laws, so stay tuned:

Senate File 565 – would restrict local governments from creating a minimum wage rate that would be higher than the state or federal minimum wage. Reading in between the lines, this bill would stop Minneapolis and St. Paul from doing what Chicago, San Jose, Santa Fe and other cities have done, which is to create their own, much higher, minimum wage.

House Files 145 & 349 – would prohibit employers from using an individual’s status as unemployed as a basis for refusing employment.

House File 323 – would allow employees and employers to mutually agree upon payment of wages of more than 31 days (which is currently the maximum number of days between work and pay)

House File 521 – would create a voluntary program that reimburses employers who offer paid parental leave to their employees of at least six weeks. The amount of the reimbursement and eligible of the reimbursement vary based on the circumstances.

House File 549 – would require all employers to provide employees with sick and safe time. Employees would accrue paid sick and safe time at a rate of 1 hours for every 30 working hours, up to 72 hours/year for employers with 21+ employees and up to 40 hours/year with less. This bill is a priority for the administration.

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