Commercial Litigation


Frances M. O’Meara represents clients in securities and commercial litigation matters, involving a wide variety of business litigation issues, including securities fraud, antitrust, business torts, deceptive trade practices, real estate, construction, oil and gas, unfair competition, lender liability, usury and bank tying, and professional liability.

Frances has substantial experience in the trial of jury and non-jury cases in both federal and state courts. In addition to her litigation practice, she regularly represents clients in arbitration proceedings before the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), formerly National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD).

Frances is certified by the California State Bar as a Certified Legal Malpractice Specialist. Her work has been in jurisdictions throughout California in both state and Federal multi-district litigation.

Frances works directly with major insurance carriers throughout the United States, non-insured professionals, large corporations, and financial institutions. She has extensive experience in D&O claims, commercial litigation, with an emphasis on fidelity, fiduciary and surety claims investigation and litigation. She advises professionals on ethical issues, and issues relating to risk management and loss control. She has also successfully defended arbitrations, including those realted to FINRA matters.

Frances also has experience in the area of employment litigation, including defending discrimination claims, employment contracts, and retaliation and sexual harassment claims. She also handles fidelity and bond matters throughout the State of California. Prior to joining Thompson Coe & O'Meara, Frances was a Managing Partner of the O'Meara Law Group and a Managing Partner of the Los Angeles office of Kaufman Dolowich Voluck & Gonzo, LLP, chairing the firm's Professional Liability and Diversity Committees. Prior to joining KDVG, Ms. O'Meara was a Partner with Hinshaw & Culbertson LLP and chaired the Professional Liability Practice Group.

Representative Experience


  • Anthony Perez v. Bradford Brown, et al. (2013) – Legal Malpractice E&O - Defense
  • Lin v. Rand Medical Billing (2012) – Professional Liability E&O - Defense
  • Seongsu Kim, et al. v. Lim Ruger & Kim LLP (2012) – Legal Malpractice E&O
  • Biggins v. Newlee2011 WL 5842849 (Cal.App. 2 Dist. 11/22/2011) – Legal Malpractice E&O - Defense
  • Williams v. Hilb, Rogal & Hibbs Ins. Services of California, Inc. VC044754 (9/9/2009) – Insurance Agent Malpractice E&O Defense
  • Kresich v. Stolpman , Krissman, Elber & Silver, LLP (2008 WL2231683) – Legal Malpractice E&O - Defense
  • Valentine v. Membrila Services BC240280 (5/10/2004) – Insurance Agent Malpractice E&O - Defense
  • Stimpfel v. Fensten & Gelber BC159394 (3/6/2002) – Legal Malpractice E&O - Defense
  • Bolton v. Trope SC037295 (10/22/1999) – Legal Malpractice E&O - Defense

Defense Matters

  • Duenas v. Caltech (2011)
  • Manhattan Place v. Naim & Associates Structural Engineers (2012)
  • Alexander v. Blakemore (2013)
  • Le Fauborg v. Caltech (2013)
  • Macau Contractors v. Trencode (2013)
  • F.D.I.C. v. Levitt 2011 WL 4591933 (S.D.Cal. 10/03/2011) – Appraiser Malpractice E&O
  • F.D.I.C. v Munoz2011 WL 4357186 (C.D.Cal. 9/19/2011) – Appraiser Malpractice E&O
  • Song Valley v. SBL Professional Realty (2011) – Broker Malpractice E&O
  • Sverdlin v. Yollin (2011) – Real Estate Malpractice E&O
  • Alsaiegh v. Sweat (2011) – Legal Malpractice E&O
  • Parsa v. Caplan, et al. – Legal Malpractice E&O
  • Lusk v. Baker (2011) – Legal Malpractice E&O
  • McComas v. Wallace (2011) – Legal Malpractice E&O
  • Visconti v, Zanger, et al. (2010) – Real Estate Malpractice E&O
  • M. Fredicic v. International Coffee & Tea (2009) – Legal Malpractice E&O
  • Continental Ins. Companies v. Total Dollar Management Effort, Ltd. 228 Fed.Appx. 661 (9th Cir.(Cal.) 3/28/2007) – Insurance Agent E&O
  • Renteria v. Gallo Insurance Agency BC237511 (8/22/2003) – Insurance Agent Malpractice E&O
  • Beverly Hills Sports Council v. Wright 2002 WL 31320288 (Cal.App. 2 Dist. 10/17/2002) – Legal Malpractice E&O
  • Avakian v. Ohanessian 2002 WL 31195443 (Cal.App. 2 Dist. 10/03/2002) – Legal Malpractice E&O
  • Kurinij v. Hanna & Morton BC103239 (6/10/1997) – Legal Malpractice E&O


  • Daniels v. Robbins (2010) 2010 WL 625410. [Published Opinion] A malicious prosecution action brought by plaintiff against the attorneys who had represented a litigant in an underlying defamation action against plaintiff. The Superior Court granted the defendant attorneys’ motion to strike pursuant to California’s Anti-Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation (Anti-SLAPP) statute. Plaintiff appealed. The Court of Appeal upheld the decision upon the ground that plaintiff had shown insufficient evidence of malice.
  • Tona Kresich vs. Stolpman, Krissman, Elber & Silver, LLP (2008)
  • Geoffrey Commons vs. Inland Desert Security & Communications, Inc. (2011)
  • Lois Lynne Lintz vs. William F. Dohr (2011 WL 2791271)
  • Ellenhorn v. Pilchman & Kay, PLC (2012)
  • Richard Sylvester v. Robin Sax, et al. (2012)