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Dallas attorney Matthew Kolodoski is speaking at the State Bar of Texas’ 14th Annual Bill of Rights: Cutting-Edge Controversies in Constitutional Law Course on May 15, 2020. This annual seminar is the State Bar of Texas’ premier constitutional law seminar, which brings together judges, law professors, and attorneys from across the United States.

Mr. Kolodoski’s presentation, entitled “The Status of Takings Claims After Knick v. Township of Scott, Pennsylvania,” will consider the impact of the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent decision in Knick v. Township of Scott, Pennsylvania, which fundamentally changed how property owners can bring takings claims under the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments. His presentation also addresses strategic considerations in determining whether to bring a takings claim in either state or federal court. In addition to speaking, Mr. Kolodoski is also the Course Director for the seminar.

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Matthew J. Kolodoski

Matthew J. Kolodoski


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