Thompson Coe believes that its people are its strength and that diverse backgrounds and perspectives help the firm obtain the best results for its clients. This is the reason Thompson Coe is committed to the principles of diversity and is dedicated to promoting diversity in all facets of the firm's organization, community involvement, and client service. 

To foster a firm-wide commitment to diversity we have put initiatives in place to make certain it maintains a top priority at every level. These initiatives include:

  • Formalize diversity action steps and accountability to management
  • Provide firm-wide diversity training for all attorneys and staff
  • Conduct regular internal diversity needs assessments
  • Coordinate with clients on diversity issues
  • Support the firm’s internal affinity networks
  • Expand relationships with minority bar associations and other legal diversity organization

Thompson Coe is committed to attracting, hiring, retaining and rewarding the best legal talent. Thompson Coe offers an inclusive atmosphere of opportunity to our attorneys to ensure we are reflecting the diversity of the clients and legal communities we represent.


To ensure our clients have access to the best legal talent available, Thompson Coe is actively committed to the recruitment and hiring of lawyers who not only possess great legal abilities, but also varied cultural and social backgrounds. The firm participates in job fairs and association events at law schools across the country with diverse student populations in an effort to recruit talented lawyers with a broad spectrum of skills and viewpoints. We believe this approach to recruiting not only improves our practice, but enhances Thompson Coe as a whole.

Retain & Advance

Developing our associates and preparing them for success in their new career is a vital component of our retention initiative, and is one that goes hand in hand with our diversity efforts. In order to understand their needs, and to create an environment for their continued success, we have devised a mentorship program that pairs them with a senior attorney to ensure they become integrated into their sections, the firm and the practice of law. By having an experienced attorney committed to their success, we feel our associates will have the tools they need to create their own.

To foster growth and advancement, our associates are provided opportunities early in their careers to take on challenging, meaningful and substantive legal matters.  We also encourage and facilitate direct client contact to ensure their potential is maximized. As our attorneys gain experience we take tremendous pride in seeing them assume leadership positions in our firm, in our profession and in our community.

Pipeline Initiatives

In an effort to continue our diversity efforts beyond Thompson Coe, and to encourage minority students to consider law as a career, we have established initiatives targeted at the development of diverse youth in our community.  Our initiatives to assist aspiring attorneys in pursuing such opportunities include:

  • Funding scholarships for minority high school or college students
  • Participating in or hosting mock trial programs or career events
  • Providing internships or employment to local minority high school students
  • Participating in programs that allow undergraduate students to shadow our attorneys
  • Mentoring high school and college students

As a result of our efforts, Thompson Coe has repeatedly received top recognition for its commitment to diversity from various legal industry publications.