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Robert O. Lamb

Of Counsel

Thompson Coe's Fifth Annual Seminar on Texas Insurance Law Developments

Thompson Coe's Insurance Litigation & Coverage Group hosted the Fifth Annual Seminar on Texas Insurance Law Developments. Attorneys from the section discussed a wide variety a issues including the following:

  • 2005 Insurance Cases Every Agent And Adjuster Should Know | Jacquelyn Chandler
    • A review of the most significant opinions and pending cases affecting insurance issues over the least year.
  • The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same: Update on the Personal Auto Policy | Lisa Songy
    • A review of the developments in the law and current trends.
  • Insurance Code § 542.051: The Revolving Door | David Chumbley
    • The newest cases and developments in the application of the Prompt Payment of Claims Statute (the Act formerly known as 21.55) under property insurance.
  • Does a Third Party Defense Claim Walk and Talk Like a First Party Claim? The Applicability of Texas’ Prompt Payment of Claims Statute to Third Party Claims | John Sepehri
    • A discussion of the ongoing debate about the extent to which the Prompt Payment of Claims Statute applies to defense and indemnity obligations under liability policies.
  • How to Keep an Adjuster from Becoming Maladjusted: Avoiding Adjuster Liability | Stephanie Rojo
    • An outline of the statutory and common law causes of action that may give rise to adjuster liability, and practical tips on avoiding claims.
  • Concurrent Causation: Where and When to Draw the Line | Jay Simon
    • Leaks, cracks, and hurricanes all lead to issues as to what causes a loss, and whether more than one cause can give rise to coverage. A review of the law…with special attention to current issues.
  • Late Notice:  Different Rules for Different Policies | Alan Rosenberg
    • A number of recent cases have addressed notice requirements under different policy forms, and specifically where a materiality or prejudice requirement may or may not exist.
  • Depositions: Ready, Set, Testify | Lisa Ball
    • What to know before the first question is asked.  How to give an effective deposition and survive the experience.
  • Occurrences in Property Insurance: What is It, How Many, and Are You Sure? | Robert O. Lamb
    • The anatomy of a property claim often focuses on the nature of the occurrence. Yet, the law in this area is not as well developed as it is under liability policies. This topic provides guidelines in adjusting the occurrence issues.
  • Thinking Outside The Box: The Gray Areas of Designated Premises and Operations Endorsements | Mariah Baker Quiroz
    • Do limiting endorsements limit coverage? Often it depends on the nature of the endorsement, and the scrutiny of the underwriters. A review of the problems and solutions afforded by limiting endorsements.
  • Other Insurance Clauses and Their Impact on the Duty to Defend | Rhonda Thompson
    • Other insurance clauses may apply to indemnity, but how do they impact the duty to defend? When more than one carrier provides coverage, what are the possible approaches under which costs will be allocated?
  • Financial Responsibility Requirements for Federal and Intrastate Motor Carriers | Richard Mosher
    • Statutory insurance requirements and certified proof of insurance may expand policy coverage to protect the public. Under new scenarios, other secondary issues often arise.
  • ERISA:  Overview and Strategy to Avoid Pitfalls and Headaches | Tate Gorman
    • An overview of common issues arising when insurance disputes may be subject to ERISA.
  • Basics of Appeals:  What Every Adjuster Should Know | Wade Crosnoe
    • When must an insurer appeal?  Who posts bond when coverage issues exist?  How does other insurance affect an appeal?  What about the intersection between coverage and appellate law.
  • Extracontractual Damages: What Are They and How do You Count Them? | Jamie Carsey
    • A review of the statutes that actually afford damages, in addition to policy benefits, what damages are available, and how they should be properly calculated.
  • The ABCs of DJAs: When, Where and Why to File a Declaratory Judgment Action | Beth Bradley
    • A review of the legal and practical strategic considerations when considering coverage litigation by declaratory judgment action.