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Robert O. Lamb

Of Counsel

Thompson Coe's 4th Annual Seminar on Texas Insurance Law Developments

Thompson Coe's Insurance Litigation & Coverage Group hosted the Fourth Annual Seminar on Texas Insurance Law Developments. Attorneys from the section discussed a wide variety a issues including the following:

  • The New Boundaries of the Eight Corners Rule | Rhonda Thompson
  • Out with the Mold, In with the New: Asbestos | David Chumbley
  • Calling the Insured's Bluff: Combating Fraud by the Insured | Lisa Songy
  • The New Offer of Settlement Rule in First Party Cases | Jay Simon
  • Preparing and Protecting the Claim File | Lisa Ball
  • Severance and Abatement: Strategic Options for Insurers | Stephanie Rojo
  • Settling with Too Little Money | Ted Turner, Rick Harmon & Claudia Volaire
  • An Adjuster's Nightmare: How to Survive a Deposition | Roger Higgins& Bob Lamb
  • The Changing Contours of Additional Insured Coverage | Jody Stasney
  • Developments in Personal Auto Coverage | Darrell Cockcroft
  • Who Decides? Selection of Defense Counsel | Aaron Mitchell
  • Hazardous Waste to Household Substances: What's a Pollutant Anyway? | Alan Rosenberg
  • When the Insured Gets the Last Word: Consent to Settle Clauses | Ellen Van Meir
  • What were they Thinking? Top Ten Insurance Cases of 2004 | Jackie Chandler
  • To B or Not to B: Advertising Injury Update | Beth Bradley