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Minneapolis released additional resources to help employers stay compliant with the Wage Theft Ordinance passed earlier this year. The Minneapolis ordinance, unlike the Minnesota Wage Theft Law (MWTL), will take effect on January 1, 2020!

Although the ordinance is similar to the MWTL, Minneapolis adds some new requirements that employers should prepare for. myHRgenius has covered these changes in the past, and you can find an analysis on these laws HERE.

So, what is new? The City of Minneapolis released resources for employers in hopes to ease the transition next month. If you are unsure of what information is required in the pre-hire notice, an example is now provided by the City (Spanish examples will be available soon).  This example is compliant with MWTL and includes the additional requirements from the city ordinance.

Additionally, a notice poster is available for download from the City of Minneapolis and should be posted near other state and federal employment notices. 

If you have any questions regarding the new pre-hiring notices or templates supplied by the City of Minneapolis, please contact us at 651-389-5000 or to discuss with an attorney.

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