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As a reminder for businesses in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Chicago, and the State of New York, new sick and safe leave ordinances will be affecting you starting July 1. Make sure you’re ready!


As of July 1, 2017, all employees working within the geographic boundaries of either city will begin to accrue sick and safe time at a rate of at least one hour for every 30 hours worked. (For businesses employing five or fewer employees in Minneapolis, the leave can be unpaid.) Maximum accrual is 48 hours per year, with carryover required up to 80 hours total.


Starting July 1, 2017, all employees working in Chicago will accrue one hour of PTO for every 40 hours worked (including travel time). Maximum accrual is five days per year, with carryover limited to two and a half days. Leave can be used for sick or safety reasons as defined in the ordinance.


New York’s insurance-based Paid Family Leave (PFL) program does not allow employees to take PFL until January 1, 2018. However, employers can start taking out premiums from employee paychecks beginning July 1, 2017 to help offset the cost of acquiring a mandatory PFL policy. Covered leave is similar to that provided by FMLA, with one major difference in that employees cannot use PFL for their own personal health issues. In 2018, employees will have eight weeks of PFL per year, with increasing leave provided in subsequent years.

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