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Goodbye 2016 and hello to 2017!  For many years there has been a shift toward advocates to employment law changes seeking action at the state and local level, rather than petitioning for change at the federal level.  Such issues as paid time off, sick and safety leave entitlements for employees, minimum wage increases, drug testing, and restrictions on criminal background checks of applicants are just some of the many issues that are being lobbied hard at state, city and county levels across the county with success.  No doubt this strategic shift had something to do with an inability of Congress to discuss and consider compromise on these issues.  Whether that trend will continue or discontinue with a single party in control of the federal legislative and executive branches of government will be worth watching.  [My money would be bet on it continuing/increasing.]

Locked in are increases to many state and local minimum wages in 2017 due to these advocacy efforts in recent years.  The following is a chart detailing the increases we can expect this new year. No changes are in sight to the current federal minimum wage of $7.25.

State Minimum Wage
California $10.50
Massachusetts $11.00
New York $9.70
South Dakota $8.65
Washington $11.00
Colorado $9.30
Michigan $8.90
New Jersey $8.44
Ohio $8.15
Florida $8.10
Missouri $7.70
Maine $9.00
Maryland $9.25
Arizona $10.00
Vermont $10.00
Connecticut $10.10
Alaska $9.80
Hawaii $9.25
Arkansas $8.50
Washington, D.C. $12.50
Montana $8.15

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