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Dallas Partners Obtain Defense Verdict in Highly Complex Products Case

November 10, 2017

Dallas partners Jennifer Aufricht and Sean Hicks obtained a defense verdict on behalf of our client, GRECON, in a hotly contested and complex products liability, wrongful death and personal injury action in the Eastern District of Texas. The lawsuit arose from an April 2014 explosion at the Georgia-Pacific plywood mill in Corrigan, Texas. The explosion resulted in the deaths of two employees and burn injuries to several others. One lived over a month suffering conscious pain and suffering, debridement and multiple surgeries. Another lived after an extensive medical course, conscious pain and suffering, and surgeries, only to be permanently disfigured and disabled.  GRECON sold the spark detection and elimination system Plaintiffs argued failed to prevent the fire that caused the explosion.

With seven Plaintiffs, three years of litigation and two and a half weeks of trial with Judge Ron Clark presiding, Aufricht and Hicks secured GRECON a judgment as a matter of law on design, manufacturing and marketing claims and a defense verdict as to the remaining negligence claim.

Kudos to trial lawyers Aufricht and Hicks for a difficult  job well done. This case is styled Debra Morris, et. al., v. GreCon, Inc., et. al.