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Thompson, Coe, Cousins & Irons, L.L.P., partnered with Allstate Staff Counsel (Susan L. Florence & Associates) and Street Law, Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to educating diverse youth about law, democracy and human rights, to administer an introduction to law program to a group of 41 students from Richardson High School in the Richardson Independent School District (RISD).

Throughout the course of the day, the students participated in interactive classroom workshops facilitated by attorneys from both Thompson Coe and Susan L. Florence. The areas of law covered in the workshops were auto-accident liability and social-host liability, which allowed the students to experience different aspects of practicing law. The topics chosen were intended not only to be educational, but to address issues teenagers are facing in their daily lives. The workshops provided the students an avenue for engaging in lively debate about these sensitive yet prevalent issues, and to think critically about the role of law in protecting those who may fall victim.

The students had the opportunity to spend time away from their traditional curriculum to learn about the practice of law, and gain skills and experiences they can apply to improving their future by using their knowledge to solve problems and better their communities.

The attorneys gained a lot through the experience of teaching young people about the law and giving back to the community.  One participating Thompson Coe attorney said of their experience, "The students were really motivated and showed a lot of thought and maturity. It was great discussing how the law impacts all ages and seeing so many young people interested in the law."

Street Law's goal is to provide accessible, engaging, and interactive programs that empower students and communities to become active, legally-savvy contributors to society.

Find more out about Street Law here.