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What to Expect from Laura and Ida: Louisiana Coverage Practice

November 16, 2021 at 12:00pm1:00pm (CDT)Next Month

This course will focus on the property coverage claims as a result of catastrophic weather events, most recently being Ida and Laura.  The presentation will cover the types of claims that can be expected, the notice and satisfactory proof of loss,  bad faith pitfalls, policy considerations that are triggered when damage is caused by a named storm, removal issues, concurrent causation, prompt pay penalties, and much more. Upon completion of this course, the adjuster should have a better understanding of (1) nuances of Louisiana property law; (2) duties of carriers and insureds in handling hurricane claims; (3) the litigation landscape for hurricane claims in Louisiana; (4) best claim handling practices as they relate to timing of the investigation and communications to the insured, third parties, and the claim file to avoid bad faith liability.