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HR Webinar: So You Want to Have Better Documentation of Your Employees Problems?

August 19, 2021 at 12:00pm1:00pm (CST)
Kevin M. Mosher

Managers are great at many things.  If they aren’t then they shouldn’t be managers.  What many managers aren’t great at though is documenting employee problems.  It’s not something a lot of managers care about, probably because it’s not what got them promoted in the first place.  You know who does care though?  Attorneys, juries, judges and government agencies!  And because they care there is risk to the company when there is poor documentation of employee problems.  It’s a problem for a lot of companies that needs to be remedied.

This webinar will spend an hour hoping to work toward the remedy for these problems.  We will discuss strategies for documenting better.  The risks we run by not documenting well.  And we will review a number of key documents that should be part of any HR toolset.

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