Headshot of Ellen Van Meir

Ellen M. Van Meir

Management Committee


Ellen has handled appellate matters in various Texas appellate courts and U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth, Eighth, Ninth and Tenth Circuits.  Ellen’s experience in appeals primarily lies in representing insurance carriers in matters of policy interpretation and subrogation.  Ellen also represents clients in commercial disputes involving indemnity or risk transfer.  She has worked on amicus briefing, mandamus matters as well as appeals to intermediate state appellate courts, the Texas Supreme Court and several federal appellate courts.

Representative Experience 

  • Prevailed in Oklahoma and Tenth Circuit on issues involving general liability and employer liability coverage for workplace injuries.
  • Prevailed in Texas trial and appellate courts on claims for pollution coverage.
  • Obtained a jury verdict and appellate decision in favor of major insurance company client in a case of allocation of covered damages between two insures in a construction defect matter.
  • Represented a major insurance company in an appeal in which the United States Court of Appeals for the Firth Circuit affirmed the district court’s judgment allocating a settlement to uncovered claims and required the insured to reimburse the carrier.
  • Prevailed in personal and advertising injury case determining the scope of libel and slander offense coverage under Ninth Circuit law.