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As part of our renowned insurance practice, Thompson Coe has represented insurers and their insureds in loss recovery actions for many years.  Our attorneys capitalize on their vast collective trial and appeal experience to identify, develop and prosecute actionable claims, usually in the form of subrogation suits. Losses are investigated timely and efficiently, with the goal of maximizing our clients’ recoveries.  We appreciate the difference it can make, in subrogation claims especially, to identify and leverage key evidence early.

Thompson Coe pursues recovery on behalf of commercial property insurers in specialized industrial sectors such as energy, construction, manufacturing, raw materials, maritime, and other lines of business. The firm also handles personal lines losses involving appliance and electrical malfunctions, pipe failures, chimney and flue deficiencies, and other failures encountered in residential structures.  We represent all classes of insurers and insureds, in both large and small cases, tailoring our litigation strategy to the needs of each case.

Thompson Coe’s subrogation defense attorneys hold experience in warehouse fires, construction accidents and defects, flood, oil well blowouts and large structural collapses.  We tackle the uniqueness of each subrogation case while applying our collective knowledge across multi-state offices to optimize recoveries for our clients.