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Dallas Partner and Insurance Litigation & Coverage Section Co-Lead, Rhonda Thompson, will be giving a pragmatic and humorous talk, Managing Millennials: Get Woke and Be Chill!", at the PLRB Claims Conference in Orlando, FL, April 16-18, 2018. Her presentation is targeted to managers and leaders in the insurance industry who want a meaningful framework through which to approach Millennial professional employees. Critical to this talk are suggestions and tools for retaining and managing Millennials and the benefits to an organization who commits to staying the course in thinking outside the box and navigating the Millennial gauntlet. A brief outline is below:

I.  Managing Within Three Millennial Motivators

            A. The Millennial Lens

            B. The Millennial Heart

            C. The Millennial Path

II.  Meeting the Millennial Challenge

            A.  Transparency

            B.  Vulnerability

            C.  Mentoring

III.  What benefits do Millennial generation professionals specifically bring to a services industry like insurance?

            A. Technology

            B.  Passion

            C.  Talent

For more information about the conference, visit the website here.

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