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Houston attorneys Stephanie Krueger and Puertin Sanchez received a favorable jury verdict in Harris County before Judge Weems in an aggravated liability case. The judge submitted a gross negligence question and the Plaintiff’s attorneys asked for $3.2 Million. The jury returned a verdict for $257,000.

The case involved a bad-brake 18-wheeler crash that sandwiched Plaintiff’s Honda between two commercial vehicles.

Plaintiff was a chemical engineer who had undisputed cervical and lumbar pathology following the crash. She had a surgery recommendation for a 2-level 360 degree lumbar fusion and a 3 level cervical fusion estimated at $450,000 in future medical. The severity of the crash prevented the trial team from hiring a biomedical engineer or an accident reconstruction witness. The judge struck the defense medical expense expert the morning of his expected testimony.

Up against difficult facts and undercut medical defenses, the impressive effort of the trial team kept the case within reach. Through tireless prep leading to trial, smart handling of witnesses, and candid cross-examinations the team was able to secure a favorable judgment.

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Stephanie M. Krueger

Stephanie M. Krueger


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