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Thompson Coe Attorneys Participate in Community E-Mentoring Program

September 1, 2006

Thompson Coe is proud of the following attorneys who volunteered for the "E-Mentoring, Esq." program established three years ago by the Dallas Bar Association (DBA) and The Dallas Association of Young Lawyers (DAYL): Sarah Kownacki, Sean Urich, Rosh Khosravighasemabadi, Mike B. Jones, Daniel Beuchler, Rachael Walters, Rick Mosher, Danah Anthony, Melanie Durst, and Linda Szuhy.

The Dallas Bar believes -- and our firm agrees--that investing in today's youth will benefit all of us tomorrow. Young people touched through the E-Mentoring program will be encouraged to stay in school, graduate, and become productive teachers, lawyers, doctors, nurses, accountants, mothers, fathers -- and better citizens.

The September 1, 2006 issue of HEADNOTES, published by the DBA, tells about the success of this year's program in which more than 800 students will be mentored. The article is a front-page story, and Thompson Coe attorney Sarah Kownacki's experience is reported in it. Initially, her student didn't even like high school, yet Sarah persisted and encouraged her each week -- often through a simple, yet heart-felt email. At the end-of-year banquet, Sarah's student was presented the Most Improved Student Award.

Thompson Coe is proud of Sarah and her student -- as well as all of the other attorneys and students who worked together this year. To read the full story and learn how you may become involved, please go to the Dallas Bar's website and view the entire issue of HEADNOTES.