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TC Attorneys Speaking at 2016 ABA Insurance Coverage Seminar

March 4, 2016

Joseph J. DeHope Jr., Of Counsel, Frances M. O'Meara, Partner, Jamie R. Carsey, Partner, and Hao T. Nguyen, Senior Attorney, will speak at the ABA Insurance Coverage Seminar. This event will take place at Loews Ventana Canyon in Tucson, Arizona from March 2-5, 2016.

Joseph DeHope, moderator, 'Puff, The Magic Negotiating Tool'
Recent academic research has explored the science of the apology as a means of resolving litigation and limiting damages. This program examines that research as a potentially effective approach for resolving insurance claims and as a litigation strategy for insurers, and analyzes when it may be appropriate to use.

Frances O'Meara, speaker, 'TMI: The Positives of Over-sharing'
This roundtable will discuss current ethical and legal issues for claims handlers surrounding the use and availability of modern technology. We will identify and discuss various trending technological resources and their capabilities. The panel will also address coverage concerns regarding the implementation and use of technology and recent ethical rules governing expanded use of technology in litigation.

Jamie Carsey, speaker, The Right to Independent Counsel: When Does The Insured Have It and When Is It Worth Fighting Over?
Roundtable discussion will include a multi-state overview of case law on the right to independent counsel. The discussion will focus on practical tips for policyholder and carrier-side counsel on when it is worthwhile to fight about this issue and how to resolve this dispute amicably. We will also address the insurer’s right to control the defense when independent counsel is involved and whether the insurer may audit bills from independent counsel or hold them to insurer billing guidelines. Spirited debate is guaranteed!

Hao Nguyen, moderator, 'Don’t You (Forget About Me): The Purpose, Force, and Effect of Insurance Policy Conditions (Notice, Voluntary Payments, and Cooperation) and Case Law Updates'
This program will explore often-overlooked conditions in an insurance policy, including the notice, voluntary payments, and cooperation provisions. An in-house insurer VP will present on why insurance policies include these provisions, while insurer and policyholder representatives will discuss their perspectives and recent case law.

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