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St. Paul Attorneys Complete Kroll Ontrack Electronic Discovery Course

May 22, 2008

Attorneys in the St. Paul office—Lynn Moran Meyer, Mike Patiuk, James Gunn, Matthew McCabe, and Jodee McCallum—have each completed the Kroll Ontrack "Electronic Discovery Course." This extensive course presented by Kroll Ontrack focuses on the skills and experience required for those involved in this important area of litigation support technology and practice within the industry. This team of attorneys handles discovery routinely for firm clients and for several years has been responsible for the collection, organization, and management of documents and information on a national level for a major corporation.

Please contact Lynn Moran Meyer, who leads Thompson Coe Saint Paul's Discovery practice, to discuss all issues or needs relative to all aspects of discovery. [email protected] (651) 389-5001.