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Jury rejects Plaintiff demand, holds Thompson Coe client not responsible for damages

July 30, 2021 Client Results

Saint Paul partner Kenya Bodden and Saint Paul associate Elaine Luthens recently obtained a jury trial victory for their client in the Hennepin County District Court. 


The Plaintiff, who was themselves an experienced attorney, was involved in a five-car motor vehicle accident. Three of the vehicles involved in the accident were named as defendants; with two being individuals - one of which was our client, and the third defendant was a local business owner with an employee who was driving. Plaintiff claimed she sustained a significant traumatic brain injury (TBI) that forced her to leave her career as an attorney and requested $25M against the three defendants.

Trial Results

Kenya and Elaine were successful in proving to the jury that our client was not negligent and therefore not responsible for any damages awarded to the Plaintiff. Instead, Plaintiff was awarded damages around $600,000 against one of the other defendants, who was found to be 100% at-fault. This case had more than 40 witness depositions and 12 experts and lasted three weeks.