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Houston Attorneys Prevail in Non-Compete Employment Arbitration

May 1, 2019 Press Release

Houston, TX - Houston attorneys Nathaniel Higgins and Gary Pate tried a three day arbitration on behalf of their client, AmCap Mortgage (AmCap) in a non-solicitation/non-compete suit. 

Two of AmCap's former employees maintained sufficient contact with clients they worked with during their time at AmCap, which was in breach of their non-solicitation and non-compete agreements with AmCap. Our client sought a temporary restraining order against the two former employees for this violation, which the court granted, but both of the former employees ignored the court’s restraining order and continued to work for the AmCap clients.

After a 3 day arbitration with live witnesses, the Arbitrator issued his award finding, among other things, that one of the former employees was in violation of the temporary restraining order, was in violation of her training reimbursement agreement, was prevented from disclosing confidential information which she obtained from our client, and was prohibited from soliciting certain clients for up to 12 months following the date of her termination of employment with our client.  For the violation of her training reimbursement agreement, the Arbitrator awarded our client $6,734.30 and attorney’s fees to be determined at a later time.

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