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Frances O'Meara Speaking at LMRM on Transactional Malpractice Suits

March 6, 2018

Frances O'Meara will be speaking on a panel at the upcoming 2018 LMRM Conference in Chicago March 5-7, 2018. The panel discussion titled, "A Lousy Deal? Defending the Transactional Malpractice Case, will address the wide variety of situations in which transactional malpractice cases can occur and the unique challenges they pose for defendants and their insurers. This panel will discuss discovery strategies, eliciting testimony from parties in the underlying transaction, admissibility of expert testimony on causation, the sufficiency of expert witness opinion disclosures, and prospective motions in limine that can lead to summary judgment, directed verdict, or jury verdict in favor of the defense.

Find out more about the conference and the presentation here.