Events & Webinars

Thompson Coe Monthly Webinar: Premises Liability Overview

October 13, 2015

This presentation provided an overview of premises liability law and related issues, including:  (1) the enforceability of pre-liability releases and waivers; (2) third party actions for contribution and indemnity; and (3) the standard for recovering health care/medical expenses.  After the completion of this presentation, the attendee should be familiar with the following:

  • The standards of liability applicable to invitees, licensees, and trespassers;
  • The duties owed by a premises owner in connection with the criminal acts of third parties;
  • The duties owed by a premises owner in connection with incidents caused by the work of an independent contractor;
  • The standards for asserting third party claims for indemnity and contribution, including what constitutes an enforceable indemnity agreement;
  • The standard for the enforceability of a pre-incident/pre-liability release and waiver; and
  • The standard for the recovery of health care/medical expenses by a claimant.