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TC Monthly Webinar: Property Legislation Update: Pending Bills and Hailstorm Litigation Reform

April 18, 2017

Upon completion of this course section, the attorney, agent or adjuster will have a basic understanding of the proposed legislative changes relating to hail reform and weather-related property litigation being considered by legislators in the 2017 session.  This introduction and overview will emphasize general goals and effects of legislation considered to address current lawsuit abuse including:

  • Suits being filed with no notice after payments have been made by an insurer;
  • If notice is provided, notice is provided as a settlement demand for large sums to discourage early resolution in an effort to justify the attorney involvement;
  • Evidence supporting additional amounts is often not provided except in mediation, which  is not admissible and allows for excessive estimates to thwart early resolution – just to support an attorney’s fee claim;
  • Adding employees or adjusters in suits filed against insurers, even in cases where the individual being sued has not been involved in the inspection or adjustment of a claim;
  • Refusal to provide information about the details of the claim supporting the lawsuit;
  • Trying to avoid appraisal through legal arguments on waiver or estoppel;
  • Refusing to drop litigation if an appraisal award is paid.

Preview the presentation here.