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Stephanie Rojo Speaking at 2017 Campference

March 6, 2017

Stephanie Rojo is speaking at the 2017 CAMPferece March 6th, which is a three-day conference devoted to educating small and family-run businesses on HR, liability and legal topics, among others. Stephanie is one of five other speakers, and will be presenting on “The ADA and How It Applies to Campers” and “The FLSA, Overtime, and Camps".

C.A.M.P. was organized in the late 60's by a group of central Texas youth camps and the membership has grown to include camps all across the state. The C.A.M.P. organization has the goal to strengthen the camping industry and raise health and safety standards for all camps through the spirit of cooperation, collaboration and collection of ideas.

For more information and a detailed schedule, click here.

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