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PC Webinar: Data Protection, Cybersecurity and Cyber Insurance Outlook for 2019

January 15, 2019

Statement of Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
After finishing this course, participants will have a better understanding of the ever expanding field of data protection and cybersecurity as these issues pertain to their practices and industries.  Individuals and business are increasingly at risk of cyber related incidents.  This webinar aims to update professionals that work in the field on the latest laws and regulations, the latest court rulings, and insurance related issues.  Participants also will gain a better understanding of the development of cyber insurance issues, including how courts are interpreting traditional liability and cyber insurance policies in light of the discussed risks.


A. Overview of 2018
Relevant statistics from 2018 regarding cyber breach incidents, insurance coverage figures, costs related to cyber related litigation, etc. The purpose of this section is to give the participant an understanding of the growth and breadth of cyber issues in today’s business and professional climate, and to identify insurance coverage issues under traditional liability policies and “cyber insurance” policies and evaluate how insurers and courts are responding to these issues.

B. Changes in data and cybersecurity risks
2018 saw a continued expansion and evolution in the cyber field in terms of new rules, regulations, and protections to address the ever changing types of cyber risks.  This section will introduce the participant to the latest risks.

C. Changes in Rules, Laws and proposed Regulations
Update on changes in existing state breach notification laws and newly enacted data privacy protections laws in states like California, changes in Louisiana’s data breach notification law, and a proposed federal law.

D.Latest Court Rulings
This section will discuss the latest court rulings on various cyber related topics, including data breach lawsuits, the potential expansion of private rights of action for various cyber incidents, and updates regarding insurance coverage litigation for cyber risks.

E. Best Practices for 2019
This section will provide an overview of the methods and practices that can be utilized by individuals, business, or other entities to protect themselves against the risks discussed in the previous sections.  Also included is a discourse on how insurers can evaluate potential claims in light of the new case law.

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