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HR Webinar: Tales from an HR Attorney: Managing Leaves of Absences

September 20, 2018
Kevin M. Mosher

Leaves of absence.Is there anything more difficult for HR than handling these issues?FMLA. ADA. Pregnancy Leave. Workers Compensation. Military Leave.PTO….Each has different rules.Each has different criteria for eligibility.They overlap often.Employees often seek to game the system to their benefit.             

This webinar is designed to teach HR professionals, attorneys and business owners how to identify each of the laws triggered by employees’ needs for leave.We will explore complicated issues surrounding disabilities, workers compensation, FMLA and pregnancy, and discuss HR best practices for handling these complex situations.

I.   Intro
       - Overview of managing leaves of absence
​       - Disability

II.  Discussion
​       - FMLA
​           - Common FMLA issues
​           - Measuring leave
​           - Intermittent leave
​           - Re-certifications & second opinions
​       - ADA
​           - ADA protections for employees
​       - Workers compensation
​       - Pregnancy leave
​       - Military leave
​       - PTO​

III. Conclusion
​       - Scenario & strategy discussion
​       - ADA /Workers Compensation overlap
​       - Looking forward / what to watch