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HR Webinar: How I Hired a Serial Killer: Hiring Mistakes & Solutions

October 18, 2018
Kevin M. Mosher


Employers make hiring mistakes all the time. It is simply a minefield of legal and cultural considerations to bear in mind.  What do employers need to be aware of from a legal, strategic and company culture standpoint?  This webinar will look at: considerations employers should have in interviewing candidates, what processes should be followed, legal issues to be aware of, questions to avoid; tips for the job application, and recruiting concerns and strategies.

This webinar will provide HR professionals and other hiring managers or executives ideas and a better understanding of the legal issues driving many of the questions and structure that recruiting takes, as well as an examination of how those legal issues interact with the company’s development of a culture.


I.   Intro:
          - Overview of hiring process
          - Why recruit? Things to consider

II.  Discussion:
          - Recruitment Concerns
          - Things to consider before hiring
               - Legal standpoint
               - Cultural
          - Job application
          - What to look for in candidates
          - Conducting the interview
               - Tips
               - Questions to Avoid
          - Legal issues to be aware of
               - How these issues could affect company culture

III. Conclusion:
          - Scenario & Strategy Discussion