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HR Webinar: How I Fired a Serial Killer: Discipline & Termination Strategies

November 15, 2018
Kevin M. Mosher

You hired an employee who needs to go.Now.What are best practices for disciplining employees?Do you always need to have mountains of paperwork in the employee file?What should be said to the employee when firing them?

HR professionals, attorneys and management deal with problem employees every day.A strategy is necessary for dealing with such employees.This webinar will discuss best practice methods for disciplining and firing employees and helpful tips for employers dealing with troublesome employees.

I.     Intro
          - Cost of a "bad" employee
          - Overview of firing process & discipline

II.    Discussion
          - Things to consider before termination
               - Discipline
               - Accomodations
               - Precedent
               - Work Culture
          - Discipline
               - PIP
               - Misconduct / gross misconduct
          - Documentation
               - Paper trail
               - Severance agreements
               - Personnel file requests
               - COBRA notices
          - Termination
               - Legal issues to be aware of
                         - Discrimination
                         - Disgruntled employees
               - How these issues could affect company culture/productivity
          - Tricky Discipline/ Termination Situations
               - Leave of absence
               - FMLA / ADA / Work Comp.
               - RIF (WARN)

III.   Conclusion
          - Scenario & Strategy discussion