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HR Webinar: Happy Festivus: Addressing Religious Discrimination in the Workplace

December 13, 2018
Kevin M. Mosher


The American workplace is a melting pot of different cultures, religions and spiritual and societal beliefs.Increasingly employees are asserting rights to pray during the workday.Other employees are opening professing their faith with clothing and other outward displays.

What rights do employees really have to prayer during a workday?What are an employer’s options and obligations to accommodate religious beliefs?Is telling someone they can’t pray or have a religious screensaver on their computer discrimination?Can you tell people not to wear or display religious messaging while at work?

This webinar will tackle one of the more sensitive topics in today’s workplace: employees’ religious beliefs.We will discuss employers’ legal requirements and best HR practices for meeting these requirements.We will also examine several workplace scenarios and how employers should address them.

Presentation Materials:


  • Religion in the Workplace Defined
  • Religion v. preference v. political view v. satire?
  • What about non-traditional practices?
  • Is it sincerely held?
  • What is religion discrimination?


  • Title VII of the Civil Rights Act
  • Religious Freedom Restoration Act
  • Executive Order 11246
  • Trump Priority: Religious Liberty
  • Religious Accommodations
    • Interactive Process
      • What is reasonable?
      • What is undue hardship?
    • EX: Changes in Work Schedule
    • EX: Dress Code & Appearance Policy
  • Religious Complaints
    • Responsibility of Supervisors
    • Handling Investigation


  • Scenario & Strategy Discussion
  • Questions, anyone?