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HR Red Alert: Texting, Cell Phones, Harassment & Social Media

November 14, 2019 at 12:00pm1:00pm (CDT)
Kevin M. Mosher

Employees are walking bundles of risk.  Risk to legal liability in what they do at work; and risk to their own and others’ physical, emotional and mental safety in and outside work.  From texting while driving on company business, to harassing co-workers, to injuring themselves when not complying with work rules, to using social media in a destructive manner, it is a wonder companies even use employees.  Risky as they are employees are necessary are until AI figures out the solution to cure us of them.  

In this webinar we’ll focus on risky employee behavior and discuss policy, training and general risk management strategies to consider so as to lower your risk (or your client’s/insured’s risk) of claims from these walking bundles of problems.