Christina Anne Culver

Christina Anne Culver

Partner, Insurance Litigation & Coverage Vice Chair

TC Webinar: Reserving Rights and Denying Coverage

October 3, 2017

Upon completion of this course, the adjuster/attorney should know the purpose and need for reserving rights and the consequences of failing to timely or properly reserve rights, including waiver of coverage defenses and estoppel. In addition, the adjuster/attorney should be familiar with the two general categories of rights that can be reserved (conditions precedent to recovery and defenses of non-coverage), as well as how to effectively acknowledge claims an reserve rights, including proper timing, content, and style of the reservation-of-rights letter. Finally, the adjuster/attorney should know the mechanics of denial-of-coverage letters, including proper timing and contents, as well as the consequences of improperly denying coverage.

Preview the presentation here.