Client Testimonials

"It is very difficult to put in written words the unbelievable experience I had with your firm's successful defense of my firm's professional liability/ negligence case. ... Zandra and Steven are tireless, motivated, infectiously energetic and extremely talented lawyers. They made me feel so at ease at all times throughout this ordeal. Through depositions, mediation, documents, reports, experts, preparation for trial; to selection of jurors and defense at trial, they were rock solid, focused and prepared. They possess great recall for facts, evidence and an uncanny ability of understanding and speaking to a jury.

Through it all, they maintained the utmost professional appearance and attitude, preparing and concisely delivering their questions of expert's and witness's giving testimony, making opposing counsel work for every input and crafting our points and challenges to Plaintiff's counsel powerfully direct, without waiver and in instances, devastatingly hard hitting. ... Her [Zandra's] close was so on point, concise, direct, compelling and well delivered I began to sense a no fault verdict on all charges, which, as it turned out, was the ultimate jury outcome.

I don't know how your human resources staff pick people for Thompson Coe, but they know how to pick true winners, with talent, character, honor and fortitude. I can't say enough about Zandra, Steven and Mary. I consider them family and you should be very proud they represent the Thompson Coe firm."

CPA, Anonymous

Our Company uses Thompson Coe extensively on a number of different types of legal matters. From general advice to complex litigation, Thompson Coe has exceeded our expectations. We are very happy with the outcomes and the legal talent the firm has provided.

J. Forbes Anderson
Chief Financial Officer
CiCi Enterprises, LP

Thompson Coe was selected as one of our primary regional law firms in Texas. They were selected to handle not only geographic cases but program cases (pattern litigation) on a regional basis. Our choice was a good one.

Thompson Coe has consistently managed cases within our guidelines and objectives, and has exceeded even our expectations for quality and efficiency. The Firm's handling of Ford cases is always focused on Ford's best interest, even though less aggressive handling would be of greater financial benefit to the Firm. We would rate the Firm among the top in the country with respect to quality and cost effectiveness.

Thompson Coe’s comprehensive trial and appellate experience and case management capabilities have consistently provided the quality results and cost effectiveness that Ford demands of its outside legal counsel.

Marcy Wolfson
Attorney in the Office of General Counsel
Ford Motor Company


For over 25 years, the Nationwide Insurance Companies have looked to Thompson Coe for regulatory and litigation advice and representation in Texas. They are an insurance firm that understands the insurance industry's needs and their lawyers have the knowledge and experience to take care of the myriad of issues that an insurer faces.

Thomas W. Dietrich
Senior Vice President-Division General Counsel
Nationwide Insurance Companies


Thompson Coe’s extensive experience in the insurance industry allowed their attorneys to provide valuable insight during the formation of an important reinsurance treaty. The efficient and timely input and responses allowed us to use our resources in the most economical way possible while still working to protect our interests. We consider Thompson Coe a key resource and a firm we can rely on for guidance in our most important situations, and we look forward to a continuing relationship.

Billy Hill
Great American Supplemental Benefits Group


The Thompson Coe Cousins & Irons law firm has always been responsive, accurate, and thorough when working with Fletcher Financial, Inc and our clients. Their attorneys have extensive knowledge of the insurance industry, providing our firm and our clients with a unique resource that is not readily available. We are confident in recommending Thompson Coe Cousins & Irons to our clients and recognize without concern that they will receive the attention and support required to complete a transaction.

John F. Scott
Fletcher Financial, Inc