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TC Monthly Webinar: Strategies for Defending Against Traumatic Brain Injury Cases


          This course will provide insight into traumatic brain injuries: what they are, how they are detected, and the best methods to develop, defend, and mitigate your cases.


I.        Introduction (5 minutes)
II.      New Developments in Technology (5 minutes)
III.     Developing an Effective Defense Theme (8 minutes)
IV.     Understanding the Brain (5 minutes)
V.      Diagnostic Tests Used to “Prove” Brain Damage (5 minutes)
VI.     Neuropsychological Evidence (5 minutes)
VII.    Defending Against Neuropsychologist as Expert (17 minutes)

          A.      Qualifications (3 minutes)
          B.       General State of Scientific Knowledge (3 minutes)
          C.       Lack of Causal Relationship (3 minutes)
          D.      Malingering (3 minutes)
          E.       Determining Pre-Accident Levels of Function (5 minutes)

VIII.  Strategies to Reduce Damages (10 minutes)

Preview the presentation here

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