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Labor & Employment News: Volume 2014, Issue 1
Featured in this article:
  • Exhaustion of Administrative Remedies No Longer Required for California Whistleblower Retaliation Claims
  • Fifth Circuit Expands Scope of Same-Sex Harassment Claims
  • Plaintiffs Cannot Evade Federal Court Jurisdiction Over Large Class Actions by "Artful Pleading"
  • California Highlights
  • Uniform Trade Secrets Act Adopted in Texas
Labor & Employment News: Volume 2013, Issue 1
  • Texas Restricts Employers’ Right to Prohibit Employees From Keeping Guns in Their Vehicles in Company Parking Lots;
  • Texas Public Sector Employees Not Entitled to Union Representation in Interview;
  • “Tip Credit” Trap – Watch Out!;
  • Is Same-Sex “Sexual Stereotyping” a Violation of Title VII?; and 
  • Circuit Highlights.
Labor & Employment News: Volume 2012, Issue 2
  • To What Extent Can Employers Attempt To Regulate Employees’ Off-Duty/Private Conduct?
  • “Non-Subscribing” Texas Healthcare Providers Gain Added Protections Against Employee Injury Claims
  • Tidbits
  • EEOC Holds Employer Violated ADA Confidentiality Provision When It Produced Employee Medical Records In Response To State Court Subpoena
  • U.S. Supreme Court Holds First Amendment Trumps Anti-Discrimination Laws
  • U.S. Supreme Court Upholds Sales Position As Exempt
  • At Least In California, No Duty To Ensure Employees Do Not Work During Meal Periods
  • Thompson Coe Labor & Employment Attorneys
Labor & Employment News: Volume 2012, Issue 1
  • NLRA Employee Rights Notice-New Posting Requirement
  • Texas Supreme Court Expands Scope of Arbitration Review
  • EEOC Issues its Interpretation of “Reasonable Factors Other Than Age” Under the ADEA
  • Quick Tip for Reductions in Force
  • EEOC Suggests High School Diploma Requirement May Violate the ADA
  • Social Media: The New Water Cooler for Protected Concerted Activity
  • “New” Medicare Reporting Requirements
  • Social Media War: Is Requiring Social Media Information Illegal?
Labor & Employment News: 2010, Issue 2
  • Break Time Legislated for Nursing Mothers
  • "Only One Bite at the Apple, Please" -- Texas Discrimination Statute Preempts Negligence Claims
  • Avoiding Claims of Unequal Pay
  • Bad News/Good News -- Fifth Circuit Modifies Liability Standard in Retaliation Cases, But Limits Punitive Damage Exposure
  • DOL Opinion: FMLA Leave Available for Nontraditional Parents
Labor & Employment News: 2010, Issue 1
  • U.S. Supreme Court Set to Take on Employee Privacy; Issues in Quon v. Arch Wireless
  • HIPAA Goes "HITECH" - Are You in Compliance?
  • Does Title VII Prohibit Retaliation Based on Associations?
  • Texas Supreme Court Modifies Limitations Period for Discrimination Claims
  • Business Discrimination Claims
  • In Brief...
Labor & Employment News: 2009, Issue 3
  • Supreme Court’s Reversal in Ricci v. Destefano: No Effect on Sonia Sotomayor’s Confirmation, but, Important New Guidance in Resolving Conflicting Theories/Claims of Discrimination
  • Texas Supreme Court Continues to Expand Enforceability of Covenants-Not-To-Compete
  • After Gross: Proof in Age Discrimination Cases
  • Texas Legislature Amends Labor Code Provisions on Disability Laws
Labor & Employment News: 2009, Issue 2
  • Commission's Proposed Rules Implementing Genetic Act of 2008
  • Retaliation Against Participants In An Internal Investigation Prohibited By Title VII
  • Staff Reductions: Avoiding Risks and Potential Pitfalls
  • Fifth Circuit Imposes Limitations on the Use of Offers of Judgment in FLSA Collective Actions 
Labor & Employment News: 2009, Issue 1
  • "Employee Free Forced Choice Act" Moves Front and Center in Congress -- Get Involved Now !!
  • Other Pending Legislation
  • Fifth Circuit Increases the Threat of Punitive Damages in Discrimination Cases
  • Summary Judgments Largely Eliminated under the New ADA Amendments
  • Minnesota Adopts Federal Ellerth-Faragher Standards for Imposing Liability on Employer for Supervisory Sexual Harassment
  • A New Wave of FLSA Claims: Employees Using BlackBerrys from Home for Work-Related Purposes
  • Progressive Disciplinary Policies Need to Be Discretionary

Legislative News

2013 Life & Health Insurance Legislation in Texas

2013 Property & Casualty Insurance Legislation in Texas

2011 Life & Health Insurance Legislation in Texas

2011 Property & Casualty Insurance Legislation in Texas

2009 Property & Casualty Insurance Legislation in Texas

2009 Life & Health Insurance Legislation in Texas