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Nine Thompson Coe Attorneys Named 2006 Super Lawyers
Thompson Coe is the home to nine "Super Lawyers," as determined by a survey published in the October 2006 issue of Texas Monthly magazine.  The "Super Lawyer" list is produced annually by Laws & Politics Media as a result of surveying the more than 55,000 attorneys across the state who have been licensed to practice for five years or more.

Thompson Coe's "Super Lawyers" are:

Austin Office
  • Wade Crosnoe, Appellate Law
  • Jim Hoeffner, Bankruptcy
  • Jeff D. Otto, Insurance Defense:  Personal Injury
Dallas Office
  • Tom Culpepper, Professional Liability
  • Rick Harmon, Insurance Litigation/Coverage  
  • Roger D. Higgins, Class Action/Mass Tort
  • Randy A. Nelson, Insurance Defense:  Personal Injury
  • John Ross, Labor & Employment Law
  • David Taylor, Health Law/Mass Tort/Product Liability