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Death, Drugs & Rock-n-Roll: Unique Seller Disclosure Laws
CLM Professional Times Magazine
Practices/Industries: Professional Liability


Preparing For Art-Related Claims After Hurricane Harvey
Attorneys: Jamie K. Baker
Practices/Industries: Fine Art & Specie, Hurricane Harvey Resource Center, Insurance Litigation & Coverage, Weather-Related Catastrophe Litigation


Steps That Associates Should Take to Handle Their First Hearing Successfully
Attorneys: Cory S. Reed


The Future of Collective Arbitration: Reconciling the FAA with the NLRA, FLSA, & Other Federal Rights, 22 TEX. J. ON C.L. & C.R. (Spring 2017) Co-Author
Attorneys: Matthew J. Kolodoski


Storage Woes - A Cautionary Tale of Stolen Art & Subrogation Rights
Attorneys: Jamie K. Baker
Practices/Industries: Fine Art & Specie

Labor & Employment News: Volume 2014, Issue 1
Featured in this article:
  • Exhaustion of Administrative Remedies No Longer Required for California Whistleblower Retaliation Claims
  • Fifth Circuit Expands Scope of Same-Sex Harassment Claims
  • Plaintiffs Cannot Evade Federal Court Jurisdiction Over Large Class Actions by "Artful Pleading"
  • California Highlights
  • Uniform Trade Secrets Act Adopted in Texas

2013 Life & Health Insurance Legislation in Texas