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Daniel P. Buechler
Attorney Recruiting


I began my career at Thompson Coe as a Summer Associate in 2007, and joined the rapidly expanding litigation practice after my graduation from law school in 2008. What continues to impress me about Thompson Coe is their commitment to providing the highest quality legal service to an extremely broad client base while maintaining a relaxed office atmosphere which is conducive to improving my experience and skills. As soon as I walked in the door, I was given substantial case responsibility and direct client interaction with the Firm's sophisticated clients. Furthering the personal responsibility each associate has for his or her cases is the lack of an "associate-partner gap." Every partner is encouraged to work closely with the associates, and these relationships make it easy to provide the type of service that our clients continue to expect from Thompson Coe.

Andy McCluggage – Houston Office



I was introduced to Thompson Coe as a summer associate, which was well before I knew anything about insurance law or even what type of law I wanted to practice. During my summer, I was amazed at the congeniality of the lawyers within the Firm and their overall laid-back attitude. I chose to work at Thompson Coe for those reasons and was pleasantly surprised to see that the congeniality and laid-back attitude remained once the summer associates were gone. What struck me about Thompson Coe, and still does to this day, is the great interest that senior associates and partners take in the young associates and their work. Thompson Coe places a great emphasis on teaching and mentoring associates so that they feel like have a stake in Thompson Coe and stay throughout their legal career, rather than feel unappreciated and unimportant and leave after two years. Thompson Coe is a great place to gain invaluable litigation experience and learn how to practice law with professionalism and efficiency.

Jessica Johns – Dallas Office



As a first-year associate at Thompson Coe, I get to work alongside accomplished and experienced lawyers who are all truly invested in my professional growth and success. Because of the Firm’s size, I’ve been able to take on more responsibility and more challenging work than many of my peers at other firms, and the work I do is meaningful and educational. The camaraderie among the lawyers here is what I think makes Thompson Coe exceptional. We often spend time together outside the office, which makes time spent inside the office more relaxed and enjoyable. In turn, that cultivates a work atmosphere that is friendly, respectful, and supportive. Thompson Coe is a Firm that I’m proud to be a part of.

Christina de la Garza – Dallas Office